Project Facts

Project Facts

Caithness Long Island, LLC commenced commercial operation of its 350 MW natural gas fired power generating facility, the Caithness Long Island Energy Center (CLIEC) on August 1, 2009. It was the first major baseload power plant to be built on Long Island in over thirty years. Employing newer technology means that the CLIEC plant:

  • Uses 34-percent less fuel than older baseload plants;
  • Combined-cycle plant produces less emissions than the region’s older power plants; and
  • Saves LIPA ratepayers approximately $40 million in annual fuel costs.

Project Development

  • CLIEC was developed as a result of LIPA’s 2003 Request for Proposals for On-Island Generation.
  • After through public environmental review, Caithness received all needed permits and broke ground in April 2007.
  • Constructed by Siemens with many local contractors involved.
  • Employed over 400 local union workers resulting in over $300 million of local economic activity during construction.
  • Completed on-time and on-budget in August 2009.

Project Benefits

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