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The construction of Caithness Long Island II means that older inefficient and polluting power plants will be used significantly less often to produce electricity which is good news for the environment.

Using state-of-the-art combined-cycle technology, Caithness Long Island II will improve Long Island’s air quality and lessen its reliance on old power plants that threaten global climate change and pose public health risks.

Up-to-the-minute monitoring will ensure Caithness’s compliance with stringent federal and state emissions standards.

The adjacent Caithness Long Island Energy Center is the proud recipient of the first-ever “Clean Energy” award in 2011 from Vision Long Island, the region’s smart growth planning organization.

Following its track record, the environmental benefits created by Caithness Long Island II will be significant as well. When compared to Long Island’s older generation of power plants, Caithness Long Island II has significant advantages:

  • 10 million fewer tons of greenhouse gas will enter the environment
  • Pollutant emissions will be reduced by 94%
  • Greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 36%
  • Long Island’s drinking water supply will be preserved (Caithness Long Island II incorporates a technologically advanced air-cooled system that uses 95 percent less water than similar sized plants that rely on water for cooling.)