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The Caithness Long Island II project was selected by the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) in July 2013 to build new on-island generation to meet the region’s growing energy needs, and to reduce its reliance on Long Island’s aging fleet of power plants, many of which were built more than 40 years ago. Caithness Long Island II will be a highly efficient 750-MW natural-gas-fired, combined-cycle electric generating plant that uses air-cooled technology. 

Caithness Long Island II will be located in Yaphank, next to the existing Caithness Long Island Energy Center. The Caithness Long Island Energy Center is a 350-MW natural-gas fueled facility which is currently Long Island’s cleanest, most efficient and water conserving base load power plant.

Using the latest in efficient combined-cycle generation technology, Caithness Long Island II will complement the existing Caithness Long Island Energy Center facility by providing Long Islanders with clean and reliable electricity for many years to come. Caithness Long Island II will:

  • Save an estimated $80 million in fuel when compared to energy produced by Long Island’s older steam plants (based on historical 2009-2011 cost of natural gas of $5.12/million BTU)
  • Reduce overall air-pollution emissions by 95% compared to emissions from older baseload units, which translates to a 98% reduction of nitrous oxide (NOX), a 90% reduction of carbon monoxide (CO), and a 2.4 million tons reduction of carbon dioxide being released into Long Island’s air shed every year
  • Help stabilize local property taxes, stimulate job growth and boost economic development

Developed by an affiliate of Caithness Energy, L.L.C., a leader in clean-energy projects that positively address the critical issue of global climate change, Caithness Long Island II will add to the company’s diverse portfolio which has included natural gas, wind, solar and geothermal power generation projects. In addition to the Caithness Long Island Energy Center, Caithness recently developed and constructed the Shepherds Flat Wind Farm, one of the world’s largest wind-energy facilities.  Located in eastern Oregon, the Shepherds Flat Wind Farm began commercial operations in September 2012 and is comprised of three separate projects with a combined generation output of 845-MW.


If you have any questions regarding the Caithness Long Island II project, please call our information line at 917-472-4511.