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Suffolk County Planning Commission Recommends Approval of Special Use Permit for Caithness II


 Planning Commission confirms that Caithness II is not located in environmentally-sensitive area in the Town of Brookhaven

YAPHANK, NY  June 16, 2014  The Suffolk County Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the special use permit pending before the Town of Brookhaven for the proposed Caithness Long Island II (Caithness II) project. Caithness II is a 750 megawatt (MW), combined cycle, natural gas-fired power generating plant. The Suffolk County Planning Commission reviewed the project and made its favorable determination at its regularly scheduled meeting held on June 4, 2014.
In its recommendation, the Planning Commission noted that Caithness II is not located in any sensitive environmental areas such as the primary or secondary acquisition area identified in the Carmans River Conservation and Management Plan, the Suffolk County Pine Barrens Zone, or a Suffolk Special Groundwater Protection Area. The Commission also stated that the proposed electric generating facility, “would neither prevent the orderly and reasonable use of adjacent properties or properties in the surrounding area, nor impair their value, since the facility is consistent with existing development in the area and the parcel supports adequate buffering in order to site the facility.”
“Caithness is pleased with the Suffolk County Planning Commission’s recommendation to the Brookhaven Town Board for approval of the special use permit for our Caithness II project,” said Ross D. Ain, President, Caithness Long Island II, LLC. “The Commission’s ruling further validates the appropriateness of the Caithness II site for the location of the cleanest, most efficient, and most water conserving power plant on Long Island.”
The property, on Zorn Boulevard in Yaphank, is adjacent to the exiting CaithnessLong IslandEnergyCenter, a 350 MW natural gas-fired power station commissioned in 2009, is within an L-1 Industrial District. The L-1 Industrial District expressly allows electric generating facilities by special use permit.
The Brookhaven Town Board is expected to take final action in its consideration of the Caithness II special use permit application in the near future.
The state-of-the-art Caithness II plant, along with the CaithnessLong IslandEnergyCenter, represents a new paradigm in the generation of electricity. The plants use of highly efficient combined cycle technology, resulting in 95% fewer emissions and significant fuel savings compared to the old, inefficient power plants presently operating on Long Island. Caithness II’s use of innovative air-cooled condensers, unlike any other baseload plant on Long Island, other than Caithness I, will save billions of gallons of water from being extracted from Long Island’s aquifers, the sole-source of the region’s drinking water supply. Advanced telemetry, doubled-walled pipes and other safeguards ensure that any potential incursion of a harmful material on the site will be immediately identified and promptly mitigated.
Storm water runoff on the site will be collected and recharged to the groundwater via recharge basins. Waste water will be treated and disposed in accordance with the Suffolk County Department of Health Standards and other applicable requirements.
The Suffolk County Planning Commission’s recommendation is consistent with a recent decision by the Long Island Regional Planning Council, which designated the proposed Caithness II power plant a Project of Regional Significance.
About Caithness Long Island II, LLC
Caithness Long Island II, LLC, is a subsidiary of Caithness Energy, LLC, a privately held, New York-based independent power producer. For over 25 years, Caithness has been a pioneer in the development of clean, reliable energy. More information can be found at

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